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It all starts with just one man, but it’s not down to a single ‘eureka’ moment. The history of GUINNESS beer, draught, or stout is a stirring tale of inspiration, dedication, ingenuity and effort.  It’s over two centuries of sublime brewing craft, a remarkable knack for spreading the word and more than a few leaps of faith.  It’s the story of how a unique Irish stout became, with a little magic, one of the World’s best-loved beers.

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For more than 27 years Rudy Project has been committed to technology and technological innovations that offer unique solutions for athletes and weekend warriors. The unquestionable excellence of the Rudy Project line of products is a result of the desire and intuition to continuously create new ideas and to implement them in the form of development activities and quality management, on-going research in the field of materials, a rigorous program of experimentation and testing, and in interactive relationships with the recipients of the finished product. The results are astonishing. The combination of design and professionalism, the merger of aesthetics and materials: the winning mix... Our magic. Our athletes. Our men and women.The stars of the Rudy Project World.

Hed Cycling is a manufacturer of premium quality bicycle wheels and components. Based in Minneapolis, MN, Hed prides itself on being US-operated, and with most manufacturing and assembling done in their own US factory. In addition to making their own wheels and components, Hed is a world-renowned contract manufacturer. In 2016, Cérvelo Cycles introduced their groundbreaking P5X triathlon bike, exclusively manufactured by Hed in their Minnesota factory.

Founded in 2004, Capo products are designed and constructed to deliver technical performance, progressive design and elite quality.  The brand includes men and women’s cycling apparel, accessories, custom apparel, and casual clothing. Developed in the US and manufactured in northern Italy.  Capo is currently distributed in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Italy and the UK.  Our employees are all active and passionate cyclists.

Maxxis offers high-quality tire products for cars and light trucks, bicycles, motorcycles, ATVs, trailers, karts, and lawn and garden care. Customers trust Maxxis tires during every stage of their lives, from those first childhood bike rides through changing careers, modes of transportation, and interests – and they know that Maxxis will be there when the time comes for their own children to choose tires.

Cascade Bike Trainers offers you a better way to train. Whether you are training for a cycling event, triathlon, or just want to stay in great physical shape, Cascade offers you a better way to achieve your goals with our FLUID PRO BIKE TRAINERS, the new CMX PRO EXERCISE BIKES, and CASCADE BIKE ROLLERS. The perfect balance of value and performance, Cascade indoor cycling products are easy to use, quiet, and extremely stable. POWER METER BIKE TRAINING is also available on the FLUID Pro POWER indoor bicycle trainer or the CMR Pro POWER group exercise bike.

Kool-Stop International Inc. was started back in 1978, in Oregon USA. While making friction components for industrial applications, the owner Richard Everett, began supplying a few compounds to the bicycle industry. After creating the first bicycle brake pad that had an internal frame and an air cooled heat sink, the small garage based company started to build a name for itself.

The Thule brand was established in Sweden in 1942. Thule is a premium brand used globally for a wide assortment of products with a focus on solving the problem of how to bring equipment with you when using a car (roof racks, bike and water sport carriers, roof boxes). There are also other product areas such as accessories for recreational vehicles, trailers for active life (horses, boats, etc), snow chains and luggage.

Established in 1985 in Kirkland, Washington, Dumonde Tech racing oils has become one of the world leaders in lubrication development and in sales of high performance lubricants for motorsports and bicycles as well as in green, earth-friendly oil technologies. Eco-friendly products has also been a primary focus for Dumonde Tech for more than 20 years.  All Dumonde Tech Bio-Green Lubricants are developed from plant, vegetable or seed oil, rated as bio-based and earth-friendly.  By demonstrating a commitment to eco-friendly products, engineering the world’s best performing and best protecting lubricants – Dumonde Tech’s products out-perform and competition.

K-Edge Cycling Solutions was born from one simple product, Kristin Armstrong’s Chain Catcher - later to be called K-Edge Chain Catcher. The K-Edge Chain Catcher is a purposeful design that was engineered for a single goal: help Kristin Armstrong win the Gold at the 2008 Olympic Games. While we wouldn’t be so arrogant to suggest the K-Edge was the reason Kristin took gold, it’s a common sense design that provides functional and mental advantages for high performance cyclists. The K-Edge is also perfect for anyone who likes to keep their chain in place, improve shifting performance, and protect their frame from damage caused by a derailed chain.

Cycling attorney Bob Mionske of BicycleLaw.com. is a former Olympic and professional cyclist, with a law practice that is exclusively focused on representing cyclists who have been injured by motorists, unsafe road conditions, or defective cycling products.

Sure, you can get replacement OEM hoods for your levers, and be just like everyone else... Or you can show your personality and upgrade to Hudz. Not only are these hoods stylish, they also offer super-comfy ergonomics and a perfect fit.

Our driving purpose is to offer solutions through core technologies that improve your cycling experience. Often these problems have not been widely recognized, leading to groundbreaking, innovative solutions.  ROTOR's trademark products integrate our signature “out-of-the-box” engineering solutions, while our function-per-feature philosophy distinguishes them from the competition. Our inspired technologies and design philosophies —such as ALMA (Appropriate Lightweight Material Application) and CCC (Closed Clamp Concept) to name just two— prove that bicycles can be revolutionized by fresh and powerful ideas.

Lezyne - Engineered Design - Engineers and produces premium quality accessories that meet the same high standards as high-end bicycle components. Lezyne is a cycling accessories industry leader with award winning products world-wide. Lezyne's headquarters are located in San Luis Obispo, California, USA; all of their products are assembled at their factory in Taichung, Taiwan. Also housed in the factory, is an in-house quality control team, made up of engineers that supervise construction. This site also supports a warehouse from which Lezyne ships their products to distributors, worldwide.  Lezyne is a combination of a love for cycling and a passion for design – Exquisite design, intelligent engineering, and functional completion.

Since it was founded in 1924 the Austrian company has been known for innovation and the latest technologies. Fischer Sports GmbH is a single source supplier in the fields of Alpine and Nordic skiing equipment. Fischer Sports is the global market leader in Nordic skiing and one of the world's largest ski producers.

Colorado Altitude Training™ (CAT) has world headquarters in Boulder, Colorado with distributors on 4 continents.


CAT advances altitude simulation technology by maintaining the largest research and development division in the industry and by cultivating relationships with key researchers on its Board of Advisors.


Unsurpassed research has yielded cutting edge altitude simulation products. Combine top products with the unparalleled customer service, and anyone can see why Colorado Altitude Training is the world leader in altitude simulation technology.